Why Raw dog food is Better than Processed Food

A unprocessed diet for pet dogs is starting to become ever more popular from the family pet community. The dietary plan typically contains raw lean meats, bone fragments, fruit, and vegetables. Whilst this particular diet plan can be beneficial to your pup’s well being, it is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages before transitioning your puppy to this kind of diet program.

The Huge Benefits

One of the primary benefits associated with a raw dog food is that it supplies your pup with all of its important nourishment while not having to worry about any fillers or chemical preservatives. Most commercial canine food items have additional substances like corn and wheat or grain that provide minimum vitamins and minerals for your pup. Alternatively, a natural meals diet plan will give you your pup with healthful protein, fats, vitamin supplements, vitamins and minerals and much more. Which means that you understand what exactly your dog is consuming because you supply all of the elements yourself.

Additionally, serving a raw diet might help advertise far better food digestion in some canines because of the organic enzymes present in fresh meats. Dogs on the unprocessed food diet normally have smaller sized and tighter feces as well as a result of them absorbing almost all of their foods effectively. This really is beneficial since it can make clearing up after them less difficult!

The Downsides

1 possible disadvantage to serving a raw dog food diet is the expense linked to finding top-top quality ingredients routinely. Beef can be costly and when you are serving larger varieties or multiple pet dogs this cost can add up easily! In addition, giving a uncooked meals diet regime needs mindful meal preparation because not all types of beef are nutritionally healthy for puppies independently. You should ensure that your dog will get sufficient quantities of calcium mineral from chewable bones or health supplements as well as enough organ meat or eggs for vitamins A and B12 amongst other stuff. If completed incorrectly than the might lead to inadequacies so you have to do thorough study before transitioning your puppy onto this particular diet.


A raw dog food diet has numerous possible advantages which includes delivering important nourishment while not having to worry about fillers or additives as well as potentially much better digestion in some puppies on account of organic nutrients seen in clean various meats. Even so, additionally, there are prospective disadvantages for example the charge involved with finding top-good quality substances regularly in addition to requiring mindful dish planning if accomplished incorrectly which may lead to deficiencies in minerals and vitamins essential for great health. Eventually only you may decide whether transitioning your pup to a natural foods diet program suits them but make sure you do detailed study beforehand in order that they get all their essential nutrients!