Tobiko: The Perfect Weekend Treat

If you like sushi, then odds are you’ve experienced tobiko before and didn’t even are aware of it. Tobiko will be the Japanese expression for soaring species of fish roe, and it’s often employed like a sushi filling or as being a condiment. It features a slightly wonderful style and a crunchy feel, making it a common option among sushi fanatics. Keep reading to understand more about this unique ingredient.

Tobiko compared to. Caviar

Though tobiko and caviar are derived from different seafood, they may have several resemblances. Both of them are high in health proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, and they also both have a specific, briny flavoring. The real difference between your two is the price caviar is far more high-priced than tobiko since it’s produced from sturgeon eggs, that are on the go. Caviar can also be saltier than tobiko, so it’s not as commonly used as being a sushi satisfying.

How to find Tobiko

Tobiko can be obtained from most Asian supermarkets, and it’s becoming more and more for sale in mainstream supermarkets also. Should you can’t find it clean, you can even purchase it frozen or canned. It is important to look at the expiry date before buying freshness is essential in relation to sea food!

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As mentioned earlier, tobiko is often used like a sushi satisfying or like a condiment. It’s also scrumptious alone being an appetizer just serve it with soy products marinade and wasabi for dipping. Nonetheless you decide to appreciate it, be sure to try to eat it soon after buy to get the best style and texture.


If you’re keen on sushi, then you’ve probably got tobiko before without even recognizing it. Tobiko is definitely the Japanese expression for traveling species of fish roe, and it’s often used like a sushi satisfying or condiment due to its slightly sweet style and crunchy consistency. Although similar to caviar often, tobiko is far less high-priced instead of as salty, making it a more well-liked option among sushi fanatics. You will find tobiko at the most Asian supermarkets, of course, if you’re blessed, your nearby grocery store may hold it as well. Make sure to consume it right after obtain to get the best flavour and texture!