The multiple roles of IronFX

IronFX is a well-known intermediatory. They provide you with a platform using which one can trade in the securities exchange. One can buy and sell available assets using a wide range of instruments available on the platform.

The role of IronFX is not limited to just an intermediatory. They play several roles to enhance user experience as well as contributing to the growth of the industry. Following are the major role played by them.

One of the major roles of IronFX is its role as an intermediary that provides a platform for trading. They provide this service to both retail/ individual clients and institutional clients.

They are registered with the relevant securities exchange to provide this service. Their work here is like a broker providing online service.

IronFX provides you with various tools such as financial widgets, expert advice, live news, and quotes. This facilitates you in making trade decisions based on facts and data. They provide you with the latest market trends and research as well.

They provide tools called auto trade. Using this, one can learn about some successful trade movements and techniques and use them as per their choice.

They offer services to brokering firms to set up and run the new brokering firm. They offer these firms the opportunity to customize solutions for their firm.

Beginners face difficulties when they start trading. Proper guidance and education on trading concepts and tools can enhance their trading journey. Ironfx provides educational content or relevant topics through its website, book, and youtube.
All the educational content is presented under the umbrella of IronFX School.

IronFX employees best in the industry and provide them with good employee benefits. They ensure that along with the company, its employees are also growing.
They also provide earning opportunities to the introducing brokers, and affiliates.